American Eagle Platinum Coins

The Official Platinum Bullion Coin Of The United States

The American Platinum Eagle coin is the first and only official United States bullion platinum coin. The American Platinum Eagle coin in the easiest way to invest in platinum as a precious metal investment.

Congress authorized the American Platinum Eagle coin in 1996, and issued the first platinum coin in 1997.

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American platinum eagle coin

Investing In Platinum Coins

There are a few ways to invest in platinum. The easiest way to invest in platinum coins is with the American Eagle Platinum bullion coin. Not only is the American Eagle Platinum coin the easiest way to invest in platinum, it is the only American government backed platinum coin on the market.

We Buy and Sell Platinum Coins

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Where To Sell Platinum Coins

Vermillion Enterprises in Spring Hill is the local platinum coin and gold shop near Inverness, Florida to sell platinum coins. Vermillion Enterprises has been buying and selling gold and platinum for over 15 years. For Inverness residents to get the best price on their platinum coin collection, Inverness platinum coin collectors should come to Vermillion Enterprises in Spring Hill. Vermillion Enterprises is conveniently located right off of Route 19 in Spring Hill.

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American Platinum Eagle Face Values

  • 1/10 oz = $10
  • 1/4 oz = $25
  • 1/2 oz = $50
  • 1 ox = $100

Platinum Coin Shop In Spring Hill

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We are conveniently located one block off of Route 19 in Spring Hill, Florida.

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